Thursday, 11 October 2012


tissue supplies
  • Cardstock
  • Spritzer filled with water (hopefully, cleaner than mine)
  • Scraps of coloured Tissue Paper
NB – the cheaper the tissue paper the better – more expensive varieties don’t bleed and we want it to bleed…
  • Spritz cardstock thoroughly with water.
  • Tear off scraps of tissue in your chosen colours and lay down on the wet card, smoothing down as you go.


  • Spray with water again.
  • Leave for a while – depends on how dark you want your card/paper to be – if you want paler colours, then don’t leave for too long, if deeper, leave for longer – then peel off the wet tissue and voilà – Bleeding Tissue Backgrounds!
TIP don’t leave it until it dries or the tissue may stick to the card!
Here are my results – still wet, so I can’t scan them and it’s dark now, so the colours aren’t totally accurate. If you click to enlarge, they do look better and they’ll look a whole lot better once they’re stamped. I love the little veins the crumpled tissue leaves – a bit like mulberry papers when painted with Twinklers.
blue pink paper 2

bluegreen pink paper

redorange paper

bluegreen paper 2

I'll be revisiting other 'oldie but goodie' techniques in the next few weeks, so watch this space.

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